"The Frog Whisperer" book will be shipping soon!

Wahoo, our Frog Whisperer proofs are in the mail! 

Pre-order "The Frog Whisperer" book now and Amazon will ship it a soon as it prints. Order one copy for you and one to give as a gift! these frogs are sure to bring a smile to the face of any animal lover. www.tinyurl.com/lisatom-frogs

"Lisa and Tom are storytellers, seeking to show the beauty of what they see through their art. This book has something for everyone, frog lovers, nature lovers, and photographers. For photographers, this book will also give you some insight into nature and light tent photography, with tips on camera gear, settings, lighting, etc. These charming and ribbiting frogs are sure to make you smile! "

These photographs are of my LIVE pet frogs in our home. Only a couple of the images (so noted herein) in this book involve compositing with Photoshop. No frogs are hurt or stressed while creating these photographs.

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